Create a better experience for your Access users. This course covers tips and techniques that can help Access developers transform a boring database into a fast, efficient, and even fun environment. Access expert Adam Wilbert shows how to remove typical Access interface elements for a better start-up experience, as well as how to borrow some tricks from web design to make your database more attractive and interactive. Plus, learn how to clean up a cluttered navigation pane, filter long lists with cascading combo boxes, and build in contextual help and keyboard shortcuts that your power users will thank you for.

Topics include:

  • Creating an AutoExec macro
  • Working with hidden objects: queries, tables, and more
  • Splitting a database into back and front ends
  • Creating a dynamic reporting tool
  • Helping end users by providing shortcuts and context-sensitive help
  • Writing custom functions in Visual Basic
  • Packaging and distributing your Access application

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