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Basic German – German in situations – Udemy

Basic German - German in situations - Udemy

Basic German – German in situations – Udemy

Learn German in Situations

  • Students will be able to comprehend basic and authentic German in simple situations.
  • Students will understand main sentences and improve their German Language Skills from there.
  • Students will be able to follow updates and links via external free online resources.
  • Students will be able to follow up Youtube sessions of learning German according to their own choice - these are my selected external LINKS - more or less free of charge, if they do not subscribe to external courses.
  • Students may decide after finishing this taster course if they would like to continue with German.


  • Students must be able to use adequate computer skills like research and more.
  • A high level of self motivation is required.
  • This course teaches only the basics of German in the beginning, moving beyond means investing at least 2 hours per week or even more. Students can move on at their own pace any time 7/24 hours even for a whole year or more.
  • Students are encouraged to progress via following my BLOG regularly for updates and more LINKS.
  • This course provides a taste of the German language only.


My name is Peter H Bloecker – I have worked as a teacher of German and English for more than 35 years in Germany, Namibia and in Queensland, Australia.

I have retired in July 2015 and am free now to teach online and BLOG – which has always been one of my favourites – I am still learning a lot via Udemy and other platforms like Itunes University and Youtube and resources of my choice. 

This is my second course on this platform.

Once a teacher – always a teacher!

This cost free course was designed for absolute beginners of German: You may use my videos as appetisers and follow my BLOG “Master Your German” online – free online courses including videos and resources you will be navigated through.

Once students have achieved a basic understanding of German and an interest to keep moving on, they may proceed to use my 2nd Udemy course, which requires a minimum of Level B1, however, as most of my instructions are in German and the LINKS and Servers suggested are not easy to digest – real work, which might take you years!

I wish you good luck and success and do hope, this course meets your expectations.

I will be happy to receive your feedback.

From Burleigh in QLD


Peter H Bloecker


pls provide some feedback once you have studied my course – without any positive feedback Udemy will not keep this free online course visible … thank you again.


Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn German or improve German Language Skills.
  • Students who have started with German, but would like to move on at their own speed. So self – motivation is the key.
  • Students who wish to find out if the German Language is valuable for them.
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