Build and manage Kubernetes with Rancher and RKE – Udemy Download

Learn how to easily build and manage kubernetes cluster with Rancher

  • Deploy production ready kubernetes
  • Be able to administer and deploy Kubernetes using Rancher
  • Deploy Kubernetes clusters on AWS
  • Deploy Kubernetes cluster using RKE


  • No prior knowledge required


What is this Kubernetes course about:

Kubernetes is a powerful engine for orchestrating containers. Rancher includes a full Kubernetes distribution, but adds value around Kubernetes in three key areas: Cluster Operations and Management, Intuitive Workload Management, and Enterprise Support.


You will learn how use Rancher to build Highly Available Kubernetes cluster on AWS, Azure or Google cloud. Also you will learn how your cluster can be imported in Rancher. You will build your own cluster with RKE just in few click. You will  be able to manage Kubernetes cluster from Rancher UI and control access using RBAC

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