Build ChatBot w/o Coding

Build ChatBot w/o Coding

Both programmers and non-programmers are welcomed to create their own ChatBot.

What you’ll learn

  • You will know what Watson is and how to use the power of Watson on your own website.
  • You are also getting to know about the WordPress plugins.
  • A brief intro to IBM Cloud
  • Understand in detail how IBM Watson Assistant works
  • Be able to deploy applications on IBM Cloud
  • Understand how to improve your chatbot continuously that it remains intelligent


  • Just an Internet Connection
  • And YES an account on IBM Cloud. (Don’t worry I have provided the links)


With the IBM Watson™ Assistant service, you can build a chatbot that understands natural-language input and uses machine learning to respond to customers in a way that simulates a conversation between humans.

This course is going to provide a practical implementation to you on how to build a chatbot. Here, you’ll learn how to build, plan, test, analyze, and deploy your own chatbot. (YES! you are going to build your own yourself)

Leveraging the cognitive computing power of Watson Conversation, you will be able to design your own chatbot without the need to write any code. You’ll also learn how to quickly deploy your chatbot on WordPress-based sites.

But, if you know programming that will be great because you can go further building other kinds of stuff using the power of IBM WATSON since this is IT-Revolution one the biggest revolution after the Industrial Revolution.

How we’re going to learn-

  1. We see what actually Watson is?
  2. Then we see what actually ChatBot’s are?
  3. What is Cognitive Computing ?
  4. What are Intents?
  5. What are Entities?
  6. What are Dialogs?
  7. Then we create our Workspace on IBM Cloud.
  8. Afterwards we define our Intents.
  9. Afterwards we define our Entities.
  10. Afterwards we start adding Dialogs to our ChatBot
  11. Creating the nodes for our bot.
  12. Conditions and Responces of our Bot
  13. How to handle complex flow
  14. Introduction to the WordPress plugin
  15. Installing the WordPress plugin
  16. Fixing some problems with the ChatBot
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Know about the Instructor-

Devansh Varshney is

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone, either s/he is a programmer or knows nothing about programming.
  • Web developers interested in building exciting conversational interfaces and agents
  • Digitally Inquisitive Individuals
  • Business Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  • If you don’t know any programming stuff you will be going to build your very own ChatBot.
  • Mobile developers who’re keen on integrating conversational agents in their apps
  • If you know programming you can do much more with Watson/ IBM Cloud.

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