Building Your First iOS App Video Course

Do you have a clever idea for an app? Even if you haven’t built up your programming skills just yet—or know little to nothing on the subject—this course can help you transform your idea into a functioning iOS app in the space of an afternoon. Join instructor Todd Perkins as he steps through how to create a native iOS 12 app. Throughout the course, Todd covers the code, tools, and practices for building, troubleshooting, and deploying iOS applications. Discover how to create your very first Xcode project, set up the UI, test your app on a device, and more.

Topics include:

  • Creating an Xcode project
  • Navigating the Xcode interface
  • How model-view-controller works in an iOS app
  • Troubleshooting UI-to-code connections
  • Planning an app within your constraints
  • Setting up the UI
  • Testing your app on a device


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