C# and .NET Core for Beginners – Udemy Free Coupon

C# and .NET Core for Beginners - Udemy Free Coupon

C# and .NET Core for Beginners – Udemy Free Coupon

Learn C# from scratch with Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Core

What you’ll learn

  • A good understanding of the most important aspects of the C# language and use it to create programs
  • The fundamentals of the C# language and .NET Core
  • The syntax and structure of a C# program
  • Important keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio
  • Work with local variables and fields (class variables)
  • How to create and call methods, provide arguments, handling return types and tuples
  • Working with if and switch statements, conditional operators
  • Working with the for, while, do while and for each loop
  • Creating and indexing arrays
  • Use generic collections such as List, Stack, Queue and Dictionary
  • Work with classes and objects, static members and access modifiers such as private, protected and public
  • Work with properties (automatic, full, read-only etc)
  • Read and write text files to disk
  • Throw, catch and handle exceptions
  • How to work with reference types and value types
  • How C# relates to Common Intermediate Language (CIL), JIT compilation and native code
  • Deploying .NET Core console applications



  • Visual Studio Community (Free)


An accelerated course in C# and .NET Core

Welcome to this course about C# and .NET Core. It doesn’t require any prior knowledge in programming as I will guide you through every step you need to become productive in the C# language. My ambition with this course is to firmly ground all theory in code that you and I write in the editor together.

As we’ll pick up new skills along the way – we will keep adding code to our hangman game – an application that we will write from start to finish throughout this course.

We’ll be working in Visual Studio 2017 (but older versions will work fine as well).

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