C# & .Net used effectively in day to day work- includes LINQ Download

JSON.NET, I/O, Strings, LINQ and other often used classes and concepts will be teached in this course

What you’ll learn
  • Most common .Net APIs
  • Work effectively with strings in all regards
  • Use and understand Datetimes and Timespans
  • JSON and Serialization
  • LINQ, all operators, concepts and the syntax
  • Equality and Order with .Net
  • Working with Files and Directories
  • Learn about Streaming architecture and how to decorate streams
  • C# Beginner Level at least
  • Interest in background of the .Net Framework
  • The desire to advance your career

Do you need to think twice which Linq Operater you need  to use or do you have the need to check on stackoverflow every little detail for LINQ queries?
Was it Substring or Replace on a string which would be more appropriate here?
How can you add buffering to your stream again?
Need to dynamically work with JSON objects?

Those and many more every day questions will be answered by this course on day to day programming in .Net.
Not only will this make you more productive but also way more confident with your abilities!

This course contains:

  • LINQ qerying from fluent to query syntax
  • All LINQ operators
  • common string operations and best practices
  • Equality and Comparison like it is intended
  • working with datetimes and timespans
  • Serialization with JSON.NET
  • Streams and I/O with .Net

With this course you are going to be absolutely well equipped to utilize the full power of the .Net Framework to your advantage. This will lead to better code and helps you to concentrate on the business logic.


Who this course is for:
  • .Net Developer
  • C# Developer
  • Developers who want to learn the .Net Framework
C# & .Net used effectively in day to day work- includes LINQ Download
Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/net-productivity-with-linq/
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