Camtasia 2018 for Mac Video Course

Get started with Camtasia 2018, a complete elearning and screencast creation suite that allows you to easily capture and edit high-quality video tutorials and presentations. In this course, instructor Corbin Anderson covers the essential concepts you need to know to start creating your own video content with Camtasia for Mac. Corbin kicks off the course by demonstrating how to set up, record, edit, and share a video. Next, he helps you enhance that video using a few intermediate techniques, including annotations, animations, and transitions. To wrap things up, Corbin shares how to polish your video by removing noise and adding music, as well as how to create reusable library assets and archive your completed project.

Topics include:

  • Tips for recording success
  • Recording video
  • Importing media from different sources
  • Editing your video
  • Sharing videos the easy way
  • Adding annotations, animations, and transitions
  • Techniques for adding music
  • Creating reusable library assets
  • Archiving a full project


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