Get quick tips to increase your efficiency and the quality of training you create in Camtasia. This course is a collection of short videos to help you get the most value from this popular screen capture program. There are over 25 tips on topics from streamlining workflows to leveraging hidden features like slow motion and custom watermarks. Corbin Anderson also helps you make your training more engaging with custom animation and artwork, become more efficient by reusing content from PowerPoint, and make Camtasia even easier to use by adjusting the settings to suit your instructional design workflow. Plus, learn how to save valuable time using hotkey shortcuts.

Topics include:

  • Drawing attention to an area
  • Creating custom thumbnails
  • Using PowerPoint slides in Camtasia
  • Adjusting animation easing
  • Changing the cursor
  • Creating a custom device frame
  • Locking layers
  • Saving time with hotkeys

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