Certification in Color Psychology – Udemy

Certification in Color Psychology - Udemy

Certification in Color Psychology – Udemy

What you’ll learn

  • Increase your Product, Logo or User Experience impact through Color Psychology
  • Choose Correct colors to sell your idea or brand
  • Influence your audience or viewers Through Color Psychology
  • Recognize how marketers and advertisers use color to influence emotions and perceptions of Customers.
  • Understand Color Psychology
  • Get Certified in Color Psychology




  • No special knowledge is needed, As I will Explain Each and Everything


Do you Know Colors effect you?

Do you know there is a discipline known as Color Psychology?

Do you know you can increase User Experience?

Yes you can through Colors.

Do you know that you are missing out $$$ due to not understanding Colors?

Yes you are!

Color psychology is the study of Colors as a determinant of human behavior.

In this Course you will learn how your logo or images on your website are not helping in sales. Whereas they should.

Research shows that warm colors tended to attract spontaneous purchasers, despite cooler colors being more favorable.

Color Psychology will make you a Master in understanding them and then you will be able to use them according to your product.

I will discuss exactly that.

Color psychology is also widely used in marketing and branding.

Many Advertiser & Marketers see color as an important & Integral part of marketing because color are used to influence consumers emotions and it helps in changing there perceptions of goods and services.

Business Concentrate more on colors when deciding on brand logos or even on Front end Developments.

These logos or Product seem to attract more customers when the color matches the personality of the goods or services, such as the color pink is used by Victoria’s Secret brand.

Colors are also important for window displays in stores, as it helps attract people to store.

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