Complete Car Design Course – Udemy

Complete Car Design Course - Udemy

Complete Car Design Course – Udemy


What you’ll learn

  • The course has been packaged to teach you from fundamentals to advanced levels of car design.
  • You will learn basic and advanced sketching and rendering to building an impressive portfolio.


  • Sketching
  • Basic Car Knowledge


This Course is recorded in SKILLDX education organization by Mr. Rakesh Gadpale.

Introduction to design and car design process –

In  This section you will understand the car design process in detail and  become familiar with the day to day car terminologies used in a studio.  You will understand how a car goes from various stages from a sketch to a  final prototype.

Introduction to sketching –

This  section introduces you to art of design sketching, You will work on  your basics such as lines circles and ellipses and gradually move on to  understand and sketch basic perspectives. Wheel sketching and sketching  side view of cars

Advanced sketching –

We explore sketching cars in perspective

Marker rendering –

car design project 1 design of a concept car using the skills learnt in class

Mood Board –

When trying to  convey a design idea, designers will often use mood boards: a collection  of textures, images and text related to a design theme as a reference  point.


Apply your sketching and design skills to develop dozens  of concepts and select a final concept for further development

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