CSS3 Selectors – Udemy Coupon Course

CSS3 Selectors - Udemy Coupon Course

CSS3 Selectors – Udemy Coupon Course

Comprehensive course on CSS3 selectors

What you’ll learn

  • Deep knowledge of CSS3 selectors
  • Calculate specificity of CSS selectors
  • Understand what complex selectors do



  • Browser, Internet
  • Computer


In this course you will learn about CSS3 Selectors. This topic is very important for web-developers as they should understand how browsers decides if styles should be used or not.

It is very important for those who works with legacy projects and needs to make changes that can affect the whole application and it’s functionality.

This course will be also very useful for test automation engineers, who needs to find certain elements and their status on a web application. DOM tree can be complicated and test engineer has no opportunity to make any changes. In this case complicated selector may help to find desired element.

I welcome you to my course and hope you will not fall asleep. There are many quizzes and and exercises so you will have to listen anyway.

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