Effective networking with LinkedIn


Grow your LinkedIn network to 1’000 professionals in 7-9 days, and to 2’500 professionals – in 3 weeks.


What Will I Learn?

  • Build your 1’000 targeted connections in 7-9 days

  • Build your 2’500 targeted connections in 21 days

  • Avoid hussle and threats from LinkedIn systems connected to blocking your account


  • You should know what is LinkedIn and you should be curious about growing your professionals network. You would just need your laptop or PC and 10 minutes per day if you want to grow your network to 2’500 connections in 21 days!


Effective networking with LinkedIn



Welcome to my LinkedIn course!

The course guides you through few simple steps which will help you to connect with the target audience in LinkedIn.

Here you will get the exact actions which will lead you to create the strong network for:

–       sharing and getting the value from your industry/sector,

–       building relations with your potential clients/partners,

–       creating the base of potential job candidates,

–       building your personal brand in LinkedIn.


You would need to spend 10 minutes per day and within 3 weeks you will build 2’500 connections.

Just follow the methods from this course and you will avoid all the traps and worries connected to networking here in LinkedIn.


The method is confirmed with my experience and dozens of other professionals around the world. Now you are able to do this as well.

Just apply to this course and check how easy it is!

Who is the target audience?

  • Professionals and beginners who want to grow their LinkedIn network
  • HR specialists who want to create the targeted network of potential candidates
  • Business owners who want to establish business contacts with potential partners and clients
  • Professionals who want to get and share knowledge from their area of interest or their industry
  • Professionals who want to build a strong personal brand

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