How To Find The Best Suppliers & Products Using – Udemy

How To Find The Best Suppliers & Products Using - Udemy

How To Find The Best Suppliers & Products Using – Udemy

Learn How To Find, Communicate, Import And Work With The Best Suppliers Using Alibaba For Your Product Or Project.

What Will I Learn?


  • You will have a sound knowledge of all of Alibaba’s awesome features and tools.
  • How to use Alibaba to find the very best suppliers available for your product or project.
  • Know what to look for in a supplier or product listing to get you the desired results.
  • Complete guide on the Request For Quotation service! How to get all the best and most suited suppliers to contact you.
  • How to get the most from your samples and use them to assess potential suppliers.
  • Work with your supplier on cost effective branding that looks great and will get you the much need validation before committing.
  • Supplier negotiation, how and what to say to your suppliers to get the best deal available whilst building a long lasting business relationship.
  • Everything you need to know about shipping and getting your products to the right location at the best price.


  • Have an Alibaba account but if you are unsure we will cover it in the course.
  • A computer or mobile device to communicate with suppliers on Alibaba.
  • Products or a project your are working on that the suppliers on Alibaba will be able to help you with.
  • An awesome ‘Take Action’ attitude, be willing to get out there and communicate with suppliers.


Alibaba is the world’s biggest directory of factories and suppliers… but it doesn’t stop there. They also have an amazing range of tools and services available to take your international trade to the next level.

In this course we are going to focus on how to find the best suppliers on the Alibaba website for your product or project. Using the Request For Quotation tool, we will be able have factories come to us and be able to pick out the best option.

We will then cover how to assess and communicate with that supplier using onsite messaging and Alibaba’s own quality control Gold Plus Supplier standard.  This gives you only the very best options to ensure a perfect fit for your product or project.

Starting a new product line? Then we’ve got you covered with a cost effective way to brand and market your product that will still look premium, has great marketing and gets validation.

If you are selling on Amazon, eBay, on the high street or as a wholesaler then having constant access to the worlds biggest directory of suppliers is not only amazing but essential. Combine this with the free and powerful tools Alibaba has put in place, it has never been easier to couple your product with the very best supplier.

Now you will be able to communicate with these suppliers, make orders and manage shipments all from your mobile device.

To accompany this course you will get free access to the Alibaba App Complete User Guide showing you how to use Alibaba from any mobile device and have international trade on the go.

Here is what you’ll learn and be able to implement whilst souring new products on Alibaba.

  • Request For Quotation (RFQ) – Be able to source any product and have the suppliers come to you. With the Alibaba RFQ service you can fill out one simple form stating your product requirements, submit it and have qualified, interested suppliers contact you with quotes and how they can help you with your project.
  • Product Listing Knowledge  This course doesn’t just show you the features of the Alibaba app but how to use them in a safe and secure manner. When souring products and assessing suppliers to do business with, their listings will tell you a lot about them. We cover what to look for and what all the filters and features mean on the app including the Gold Plus Supplier rating.
  • Getting The Best Supplier – Finding the best supplier for your product or project is essential. Alibaba has embraced this and made it super easy to find the best options available with a host of search features and tools. This course has an entire section devoted to breaking down these features so you will be able to easily find the best suppliers for anything.
  • Contacting Suppliers – Being able to contact and communicate with suppliers quickly, safely and easily is essential.  We will cover the amazing tools Alibaba provides, communication techniques to get better results and what to look for in a suppliers response to your outreach.
  • Trade Assurance –  Trade assurance is an escrow service provided by Alibaba for free. It enables you to buy products from suppliers completely risk free and has a 30 day money back guarantee. You can make Trade Assurance orders from your device using the app and we go step by step through the process.

It’s rare to find an website that has the capabilities and powerful tools that Alibaba has and to have access to them on the website and mobile device for free is amazing.

So if you are ready to get started and take the trade and commerce side of you business to the next level… Let’s Get Started!

Who is the target audience?

  • eBay or Amazon sellers looking to get the best suppliers for their products.
  • StartUps and entrepreneurs needing to find a manufacturer for their new product design or prototype.

Wholesalers who want to find the best suppliers and enhance communication with them.

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