Learn how to repeatedly turn browsers in to buyers, and clicks in to sales.

What you’ll learn

  • How to extract every conversion from Google Ads using Analytics


  • Using Google Ads & Analytics together.


In this FREE training you will learn the blueprint that took one advertiser from $39,260 to over $1 Million in 12 Months.

Go beyond the basics, ditch the theory and work through real-world actionable examples, that you can apply to your ecommerce business – today.

  • 38 HD Step-by-step Video Lessons
  • Build the Best Advanced Segments
  • Deploy Quick-Fire Reports for Quick Rewards
  • Mine for Sales in Your Search Query Goldmine™
  • Go Big Fish Hunting for Bigger Average Order Size
  • Multi-channel Trend Spotting for Bigger ROI
  • Deploy Retargeting Tactics That Just Work
  • Learn Yet More Ways to Sell that You Won’t Find in Other Courses!

Tailor Google Analytics to your unique online business, or miss a massive opportunity for more sales.

There’s no quick-fix, one size fits all method, even though people try to sell you that all the time.

I’ll let you in to a secret…

You don’t have to keep spending more on marketing:

Have you exhausted the bootcamps and basic training, and are you finding best practice old hat?

Then perhaps you feel the only option is to spend more on your marketing campaigns.

But, spending more on marketing is not the only answer.

It certainly shouldn’t be the first, either.

This training will take your website sales performance to the next level. You’ll learn how to better measure your marketing, so you know precisely where to spend your hard-earnt marketing budget.

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With a data-driven approach, you’ll put yourself ahead of competitors and other marketers.

Dive even deeper and discover how to take your digital campaigns, online store and career to the next level.

Massive growth (and not of the medical variety):

Using just a few of the tactics revealed in this training course, we took this online store from $39,260 to $1,116,280 revenue, in just 12 months.

A staggering 28x growth, and it’s not stopping there either with a projected $2M in revenue this year.

Notice how the cost to do business (website visits) remains constant, whilst revenue goes up and up?

Like I say, you don’t have to keep ploughing more money in to marketing to grow your sales.

Now it would be dishonest of me to promise the exact same results for you – but if this training enables you to ‘just’ double your revenue, how would that change your business?

Who Is The Instructor?

Hi there, I’m Ed Leake, and I was one of the first 0.00001% of the world’s population to own a domain name and monetise a website.

I don’t say this to brag… well, maybe just a little.

I say this because you’re probably wondering … “who is Ed anyway?”

Thankfully, I’m no internet ‘guru’.

  • Okay, I built my first website back in 1996…
  • That means I have a few decades of experience in this internet stuff.
  • I’ve managed over $50 Million in ad spend.
  • I’m a business owner, ppc-nerd, investor and mentor.
  • I’ve been running my agency Midas Media for a decade.
  • I acquired Adboozter, the cost-effective alternative to Wordstream.
  • And I’m launching AdEvolver – to help you level up your Google Ads performance.
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Nerds know stuff.

I help people grow their businesses from little to large, using PPC (pay per click advertising) and Analytics. With a big dollop of conversion optimisation thrown in for good measure – pun intended.

That’s nerd (not guru) power!

The stuff I share with you is what drives my own business strategies and client wins.

I’m a devout workaholic, coffeeholic and motorsportholic; but I refuse to admit my addictions. 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Marketers and Business Owners looking to amplify their Analytics knowledge, from basic to advanced. 




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