How to make a Professional WordPress website in 30 minutes.

How to make a Professional WordPress website in 30 minutes.

WordPress – Step by step guide. No need of coding or technical knowledge. Its Simple & Easy.

What you’ll learn

  • In 30 minutes you can develop your business website and represent your brand without having any coding or technical knowledge.
  • Learn how to Purchase domain and web hosting.
  • Learn all the main features which are required for making website and going live.
  • Most important – Learn how to make your website live and start with the business.


  • No specific tool or software is required.
  • Required to pick a domain name for your business or brand you represent.
  • Everything is openly accessible.


Are you looking to make a website? Developing a website can be a horrible thought especially when you’re not technical. Don’t worry!   

In this course we will take on the best way to make a business website without figuring out how to code.

  • Pick a Domain name – Name for your website
  • Get Domain and Hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Install Theme and Plugins
  • Edit Page Content
  • Create New page
  • Manage Menu section
  • Making site live

Using this steps we can make our business website online & begin with the business.

What’s more, for doing this it doesn’t require any sort of coding or technical knowledge.   

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