Introduction to Pencil Drawing and Shading Course – Udemy Coupon Course

Introduction to Pencil Drawing and Shading Course - Udemy Coupon Course

Introduction to Pencil Drawing and Shading Course – Udemy Coupon Course

Learn the pencil drawing and shading techniques easily and fast

What you’ll learn

  • Acquaintance with necessary equipments for pencil drawing
  • Acquaintance with graphite pencils and their degree of hardness , brightness and darkness
  • Learning shading tonnages
  • How to make volume with simple geometrical shapes
  • Simple sketches of flowers, trees and shading them in the real way


  • Pencils : graphite pencil gold Faber with different hardness degrees , staedtler_ mars Lumograph (B8)
  • Erasers: Etude eraser,Dough eraser ,Pencil eraser , Electronic eraser
  • Papers: Normal A4 paper , Eschtenbakh cardboard , 220 grams Fabriano cardboard
  • Brushes: Bristle flat Brush , Soft small brush


Drawing learning is the foundation of art and the background of learning all of the painting techniques.

In order to make progress in drawing , continuous training is required that reinforces the eyes and hands and aligns them to transfering them to the worksheet. The advantages of using graphite pencils in the drawing and the technique of shading with pencil can be seen in the availability and cost of the tools used. This feature allows you to work and enjoy with the simplest tools, with a pencil and a sheet of paper, whenever and wherever you want to draw. Even more expensive gadgets such as brushes can be replaced with more simple tools like cotton and ear cleaners.

Working with pencils can easily be repaired and runs on a variety of paper and cardboard materials. Graphite pencils are one of the simplest artistic products that most famous brands such as Fabercastel, Staedtler, Derwent and … produce various types of pencils with various degrees of difficulty.

In this course, we get to know some general ways and principles of sketching, we’ll get to know the equipments of sketching, we learn how to make volumes on the simple geometrical shapes, and also we introduce the hyper-real sketches and learn  how to do them.

We start the sketching with some simple shapes like flower, tree And we shade each one of them with graphite pencils.

At the end of this course and completing the exercises, the students should be able to:

1. Know the equipments for primary and hyper-real sketches.

2. Know different types of the pencils and how to use them.

3. Shade with different tonnages

4. Make volumes  simple geometrical shapes.

5. Sketch the simple shapes and also know how to make volume on them with different kinds of pencils and different ways of shadings.

6. Use the brush in hyper-real sketches in the correct way and be able to sketch all parts of the face and  learb how to shade them

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