ISTQB Foundation level TOPIC wise 1000+ EXAM question – Udemy

ISTQB Foundation level TOPIC wise 1000+ EXAM question - Udemy

ISTQB Foundation level TOPIC wise 1000+ EXAM question – Udemy

Clear ISTQB in one go !

What you’ll learn

  • you will come to know how the questions are asked from each topic
  • You will get clearity of thoughts on how to solve the ISTQB question
  • More then 1000 question are there to give you fair idea about how to read the ISTQB syllabus



  • Basic concept of ISTQB syllabus is reqired
  • Basic programming language concept like if , elseif , for loop etc


You can go for any course to get training but to practice istqb questions and understand what types of questions are asked by ISTQB from each topic you need this course .



First of all you need to know that how much ever you read the topic or which ever training course you take at the end you have to attempt the ISTQB “confusing Questions” and select the Best answer.



To Select the best options , only reading  or going through the Training will not completely help, what will help is PRACTICE.

The more you practice ISTQB real Questions, more you will know how you have to read or prepare for the EXAM.

Most of the student leave this step and then face problems while Attempting Questions in EXAM.



This special course is designed for all the students who are writing the ISTQB/ASTQB Foundation level exam for the first time and don’t know what types of questions are asked by the ISTQB.

For each ISTQB topic mentioned in ISTQB/ASTQB Syllabus the question are provided which will give you the fair idea what types of question are asked by the ISTQB/ASTQB and how to answer them.

This course will give you the in-depth knowledge about types of question asked from each topic.


Chapter Wise Quiz

Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Testing            :  123  previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 2 – Testing Throughout the SDLM   :   113 previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 3 – Static Testing                                 :     80 previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 4 – Test Techniques                            :  127 previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 5 – Test Management                         :  121 previous year ISTQB questions

Chapter 6 – Tool Support for Testing              :    84 previous year ISTQB questions

Bonus Topic                                                        :   Its is shown how to solve the questions

More then enough to know what type of questions are asked from which chapter by ISTQB


Highlights of the course:

  1. Course contains more than 1000 questions.
  2.   Questions are arranged Chapter wise.
  3. 2-Latest practice set at the end of the course(not available any where).
  4.   Answer of the question is available as soon as you attempt the question.
  5.   Each Chapter has more than 100 questions.
  6.   Questions are based on latest syllabus-2018/2011.
  7.   Course contains many practical questions which are difficult to understand in the first attempt.



I am an “International Certified trainer” for below topic along with my authentication no*:

1. Certified ISO-26262 for functional safety testing

2.  87973    Foundation level

3. 108197  Advance level Technical  Test Analyst 

4. 116388  Advance level Test  Analyst

5. 114710  Agile  tester Extension

6. 117029  Model   based testing

(*you can put these no. in respective websites and find my details)



Then this is the end for your search, we have used our experience to help you with real industry related examples used in fortune 500 companies, which will help you get the in – and – out of testing


      ——–***** This course has everything that is required for the ISTQB foundation level ******———

This course is designed around the official Exam Guide of ISTQB  Foundation level , weighting the 4 Knowledge Areas appropriately, so you  can perform well in ISTQB Foundation Certification Exam with confidence! 

The course will help you to understand what is the expectation of ISTQB.

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