The Java Persistence API (JPA) is the standard for mapping Java objects to relational databases. In this second course of the JPA series, Kesha Williams discusses inheritance mapping strategies, Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL), the Criteria API, and persistence providers. She explains how inheritance functions when working with mappings, classes, superclasses, and tables. She demonstrates how to create queries, use native queries, and query using streams. Then, she shows how to create query relationships using joins. Additionally, Kesha compares persistence provider options, and shows how to switch between providers.

Topics include:

  • Inheriting entities
  • Mapping a superclass
  • Querying through JPA
  • Defining query parameters
  • Creating a compile-time named query
  • Using native queries
  • Creating stored procedures
  • Using the Criteria API
  • Refining query results
  • Switching between persistence providers



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