Keynote: the making of a presentation – Udemy

Keynote: the making of a presentation - Udemy

Keynote: the making of a presentation – Udemy

Learn how to use the program and understand the process behind presentation-making: from idea to reality.

What Will I Learn?


  • Understand the Keynote overview
  • Handle pictures and texts
  • Create the outline of a Keynote presentation
  • Use simple animations
  • Turn an idea into a real Keynote presentation
  • Export the presentation in different formats
  • Get to know yourself


  • Lots of enthusiasm
  • Mac Computer
  • Keynote Software


In this course you will learn the basics of Keynote.

Here are the lectures that the course handles:

– Keynote overview: in this section we will go through the process that goes from creating a new file to finding the best tools that Keynote has in order for us to make the best presentation possible.

– Presentation topic: the course has a specific topic which is ourselves. In this section we will explain the reason why we chose such a matter as the subject of our presentation. We will also underline the importance of choosing the argument of a presentation very clearly in a way that we can be very direct with our audience.

– Slides scheme: here we will make a draft of our presentation. We will put our ideas into paper and create a general scheme that reflects how we want our presentation to be. In this section the course will give advice on how to create a slide scheme for any presentation.

– Slides creation: we will go to Keynote and transform our previous idea into something real through a step by step process that will allow us to understand every detail there is in the making of a presentation.

– Pictures and Texts: all the basic things you need to know about adding, editing pictures and texts in a presentation.

– Animations: slide and objects animations. We will see together how to find them and how to add them to our presentation in a graceful way.

– Exporting: there are different formats we can export our presentation with. We will see how to export a presentation, why it should be important to export it and all the different formats we have at our disposal.

– Cheers! We will have a presentation about ourselves done and we will certainly be very proud of ourselves. It’s time to celebrate and why not share the presentation with each other!

Here’s the course! If you have any other questions, I’m at your complete disposal 🙂



Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Keynote
  • Anyone who wants to create a presentation about him/herself

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