Learn How to Program using C++

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An easy way to learn how to program in c++ ! A course designed for anyone who wants to learn programming !

What Will I Learn?


  • Be able to understand and to write basic programs ! ??
  • Learn C++ from scratch !
  • Find out what is a compiler and an IDE !
  • Conditions like if / else !
  • Polymorphism !
  • Inheritance !
  • Classes and objects !
  • Pointers and dynamic memory !
  • Loops like while/for/do while !


  • Just a computer ?? and a will for learning new things ?? !!!


In this course you will learn all the basic things that you will need in order to start coding in c++, like:


-Conditional and repetitive structures



And a lot of other cool stuff !

This course is designed specifically for compleately beginners, and will be easy to follow !

I can’t wait to work with you guys  and I hope you will like this course !

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn programming and c++

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