Learn Video Marketing In A Single Weekend – Udemy

Learn Video Marketing In A Single Weekend - Udemy

Learn Video Marketing In A Single Weekend – Udemy

What you’ll learn

  • How to create engaging video content following 5 different frameworks so that you produce highly persuasive video letters to help you generate more leads and close more sales.
  • How to create effective short video ads and target your ideal customers on the social media so that you get more exposure and reach to more people.
  • How to optimize your videos for better results and develop a video marketing strategy that takes your business to the next level.
  • Stand out in your marketplace as an expert in your field so that your audience look up to you as a trusted advisor, not just someone who’s trying to sell something.
  • Catch up with the video fast train, and connect your business immediately with the most effective online sales strategy so that you get your videos doing the salesman job instead of hiring salespeople. 


  • Be open to film yourself on camera and willing to ask your audience to take action
  • Have a smart phone and a simple video editing software (preferably ScreenFlow)


This course is designed to equip those marketers who want to put their face on camera and make them stand as leaders in their marketplace.

You’ll learn how to overcome the biggest challanges most marketers have, such as how to put my face on camera, what to say in my videos, how to ask my audience to subscribe to my things and purchase my stuff, how to edit and publish my videos. PLUS MUCH MORE.

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