Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the most profitable marketing strategies for businesses. It allows you to test alternative versions of webpages and optimize your website based on actual user response. With this course, marketers, small business owners, and web designers can learn the best way to approach CRO. Marketing expert Chris Goward explains how to identify your CRO goals and use qualitative research to better understand your customers. Then discover how to prioritize testing opportunities, create hypotheses, and set up and run tests. Finally, learn how to analyze test results to draw actionable insights that have immediate impact on the bottom line. Chris illustrates each section with cases studies that show how top companies like Google and Electronic Arts are lifting profits with these same CRO strategies.

Topics include:

Debunking CRO myths
Identifying goals
Understanding your target audience
Prioritizing pages for optimization
Creating test hypotheses
Testing your value proposition
Setting up tests
Analyzing the results

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