Skype is connecting the world, allowing anyone with an Internet connection to call, chat, and collaborate. With its low-cost calling plans and artificial intelligence features like automatic translation, Skype opens up communication across the globe. Learn how to use Skype for audio and videoconferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging at your home, in the classroom, or for business. Oliver Schinkten walks you through the basics, from creating an account and adding contacts to placing calls—one-on-one or group conversations. He also explains how to set up a Skype number and voicemail, make calls to phones, and place international calls with Skype credits. Finally, he explores the advanced features, such as real-time translation and Skype bots for an AI-assisted productivity boost.

Topics include:

Creating a Skype account
Adding contacts
Making video and audio-only calls
Sharing your screen
Recording calls
Messaging with Skype
Making calls to mobile phones and landlines

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