Microsoft Cybersecurity Stack Video Course

Windows 10 brings an array of security features and services to the table. In this course, instructor Pete Zerger discusses how to leverage these features as part of a layered defense, sharing what you need to know to design and implement a strategy for securing Windows 10 systems in corporate environments. Pete explores proactive measures like securing privileged credentials, thwarting phishing attacks, and detecting zero-day threats. He also covers the integration between Windows 10 and the advanced security features in the Microsoft cloud, such as cloud protection in Windows Defender. Plus, learn security strategies for working from home and public spaces, including how to approach common corporate remote access scenarios.

Topics include:

  • Cyber threats targeting Windows 10
  • Developing a layered defense
  • Policy-based management options
  • Encrypting Windows devices
  • Managing privacy settings
  • Working with Windows Defender
  • Managing updates
  • Firewall configurations
  • Securing remote access and cloud data



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