Learn how to use object-oriented programming (OOP) principles in C# to help simplify some of your more complex work. In this course, Anton Delsink explores the many features of C# that support object-oriented programming, including abstract classes, interfaces, and generic types. To help lend a real-world context to these concepts, Anton demonstrates how to use these features by example as he examines existing code and writes some new code. Throughout the course, he covers a wide range of scenarios—including examples from .NET, Windows UI, the web, and even board games—and discusses whether or not he adhered to OOP principles in different instances.

Topics include:

  • Abstract classes
  • Processing text with StreamReader
  • IEnumerable and yield return
  • Windows Forms controls
  • Windows Forms with and without the designer
  • Adding, organizing, and testing forms
  • Creating classes
  • Inheritance 


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