Microsoft Outlook—one of the most widely used email and calendaring apps in the world—boasts tools that can help you work smarter and collaborate more effectively. In this course, follow along with Jess Stratton as she shows how to set up and manage your email and calendars in Outlook 2019. Jess begins by familiarizing you with the interface and explaining how to add Exchange and IMAP accounts. She then shares practical strategies and tips that can help you efficiently read, organize, and send mail; add delegates who can act on your behalf; stay on schedule with the calendar; create and assign tasks; and work with Outlook data.

Topics include:

  • Accessing the keyboard shortcuts
  • Using @mentions
  • Reading and searching mail
  • Organizing mail
  • Processing messages with mail rules
  • Using the new Focused Inbox feature
  • Creating and formatting new messages
  • Recalling and resending messages
  • Creating new contacts
  • Working with the calendar
  • Creating tasks and notes
  • Working with Outlook data



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