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Before the finish of this course you will have the capacity to …

Alter your Raw records in Adobe Camera Raw proficiently and successfully

Deal with your Raw and altered records utilizing Adobe Bridge

Robotize your work process utilizing Adobe Bridge

Set up Photoshop’s Color Settings and Preferences to you enjoying.

Make and Refine awesome Selections keeping in mind the end goal to improve neighborhoods your pictures

Make and Manage Layers, Adjustment Layers, Layer Groups, Layer Styles and Layer Masks

Shading Correct your pictures with certainty


Photoshop CS4, Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop CS6


Photoshop Professor Notes – The Complete Beginners to Internediate Series

Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge and Photoshop Volumes 1-5

Understanding the Raw Workflow …


Address 1: Adobe Camera Raw: A Brief Overview

Understanding what Camera Raw is or what a Raw record is and why it is not the same as a JPEG document essential to know particularly since you have spent all that cash on a camera that is fit for shooting in that document organize.

A JPEG document is prepared in side the camera right now you take the photo and in light of the fact that this record organize is a pressure arrange, you free a portion of the quality immediately.

Shooting in the Raw organization keeps up the greater part of the picture quality yet requires that you procedure the pictures on your PC.

One of the real advantages of shooting Raw is that you can re-process that record over and over, distinctively each time while never showing signs of change or wrecking the first Raw document.

Another advantage is whether you shoot a customary lady of the hour and prep and for reasons unknown you over uncover the lady’s dress, in JPEG that dress is extinguished and the detail can never be recovered however in Raw, we can recuperate up to 2 full f-stops of over presentation uncovering the already post subtle elements in the lady of the hour’s dress.

Address 2: Understanding the distinction Between 8-bit Images and 16-Bit Images

Our cameras catch Raw records in either 12 or 14-bit and Photoshop can process these pictures in 16-bit mode which enables us to work with considerably more detail than only 8-bit mode. What does that intend to you? All things considered, the over presentation situation exhibited in the past address is one case and another is that you can shoot in faintly lit spots and really wind up with a fair looking picture. The diminish photograph can be breathed life into back (helped up fundamentally) in an indistinguishable way from the over uncovered document can be recuperated. This implies you can shoot in hockey fields and school exercise centers and show signs of improvement comes about than at any other time.


Address 3: The Camera Raw Interface

The Camera Raw interface can be to some degree overwhelming at first look yet understanding what every one of those catches and sliders are for and the correct request to utilize them in can and will remove any dread from utilizing it. Not all sliders are required for all pictures and once you make sense of which sliders you require, you’ll be done in a matter of seconds.

Address 4: Adobe Camera Raw: The Camera Calibration Tab

This ought to be one of the primary tabs instead of one of the last tabs … In my modest conclusion, the decisions settled on here impact each other decision you make in regards to modifying your pictures and presumably ought to be the main tab or possibly in the Workflow Options exchange box.

Address 5: Adobe Camera Raw: Explaining the Differences Between Process variant 2012, 2010 and 2003

In this address I demonstrate to you how far we’ve come in preparing advanced pictures. What this way to is that in a couple of years from now when more up to date forms of the product are available, you can return to some of your most loved pictures and in light of the fact that the product is better, you’ll have the capacity to process the image(s) with better outcomes. It just continues improving and better every time or if nothing else we trust.

Address 6: Adobe Camera Raw: Setting Your White Balance

Affirm, how about we get into this White Balance stuff. As a matter of course, the first occasion when you open your picture in Adobe Camera Raw, the White Balance alternative in the drop down is constantly set to “As Shot”. Which implies whatever your camera was set to. On the off chance that you have set the inaccurate White Balance setting, this is the place we can change this.

Address 7: Adobe Camera Raw: The Basics – Part 1 of 2

In the event that you have set the inaccurate introduction in your camera when out shooting we can settle that here in the Basics Tab as long as the slip-up was not very appallingly off. In this first segment of the Basics Tab we can alter differentiate also.

Address 8: Adobe Camera Raw: The Basics – Part 2 of 2

In this second segment of the Basics Tab we have the chance to modify the shading by play with the Vibrance and Saturation of your picture so on the off chance that you think your picture is deficient in eye popping shading, at that point this is one place to settle that.PHOTOSHOP PROFESSOR NOTES – PHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERSPHOTOSHOP PROFESSOR NOTES – PHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

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Address 9: Adobe Camera Raw: The Tone Curve Tab

In the event that the Contrast slider in the Basics Tab doesn’t give you the difference that you are searching for then you can make promote modifications, helping or obscuring your picture utilizing this Tone Curve Tab. You may find that you never need to utilize this Tab by any stretch of the imagination. Everything relies upon how you shoot and the make and model of your apparatus.PHOTOSHOP PROFESSOR NOTES – PHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

Address 10: Adobe Camera Raw: The Details Tab – Part 1 of 3

The Details Tab is the place you can decrease that dreadful computerized commotion that tends to show up when you extremely under uncover your photos. You can likewise hone the subtle elements in your photographs by playing with the hone sliders.PHOTOSHOP PROFESSOR NOTES – PHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

Address 11: Adobe Camera Raw: The Details Tab – Part 2 of 3

In this points of interest tab we go over a couple of cases of how best to utilize these sliders to either hone your pictures or endeavor to dispose of the advanced commotion.PHOTOSHOP PROFESSOR NOTES – PHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

Address 12: Adobe Camera Raw: The Details Tab – Part 3 of 3

I burn through three addresses on this subject since I feel that there is such a great amount of potential to demolish your pictures if not utilized legitimately. Your pictures will look astounding and the greater part of your loved ones will solicit you what kind from camera you are currently utilizing … .

Address 13: Adobe Camera Raw: The HSL/Greyscale Tab

Have you at any point needed to take a shot at simply the reds and oranges in that nightfall photograph to make the greater part of your companions jealous of your photographs? Indeed, you have. What about making those blue eye bluer or green eyes greener. This is the place to do that sort of thing.

Address 14: Adobe Camera Raw: The Split Toning Tab

Split conditioning is a return from the wet darkroom days where you could add a cool tone to state the shadows or add a warm tone to the features or do both. With a specific end goal to condition your photographic prints you would need to utilize some exceptionally solid noticing chemicals in an all around ventilated room. Doing it in the computerized darkroom, Photoshop, goes out on a limb the majority of the wellbeing dangers out of the condition.

Address 15: Adobe Camera Raw: The Lens Correction Tab

Have you at any point taken a nearby photograph of individuals with your focal point set to “wide edge” and afterward saw that the general population on the finishes are mutilated? Indeed, you can dispose of most if not the greater part of that twisting here.PHOTOSHOP PROFESSOR NOTES – PHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

Address 16: Adobe Camera Raw: The Effects Tab

In this Effects Tab you can add a vignette to your photographs. You can likewise add some grain to your pictures for that retro look and feel.PHOTOSHOP PROFESSOR NOTES – PHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

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Address 17: Adobe Camera Raw: The Presets Tab

The Presets Tab is the place you make those “a single tick does all” catches. Let’s assume you find that you generally hone a specific sum and that you generally move e clamor lessening slider to a similar spot, well if this is something you do again and again, for what reason not make a Preset which contains both of these alterations so all you would need to do is select your pictures and tap the preset, once, to apply both the honing and commotion decrease to the majority of your chose pictures. This is an ongoing saver.PHOTOSHOP PROFESSOR NOTES – PHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

Address 18: Adobe Camera Raw: The Snapshots Tab

Have you at any point played with a picture and you come to the heart of the matter that you think you are done and afterward choose to play around some more?

Beyond any doubt you have. What’s more, I am certain you have needed to backpedal to the past “look” to contrast this with that. Indeed, depictions is the best approach to do that and here is the place we speak about it.


An inside and out take a gander at Adobe Camera Raw’s Editing Tools PHOTOSHOP PROFESSOR NOTES – PHOTOSHOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS

Address 1: Adobe Bridge: Importing Your Images

However, imagine a scenario in which I were to demonstrate to you an approach to do this all the more productively with a little aide application that accompanies Bridge.

Would you utilize it? Beyond any doubt you will.

Address 2 through 6: Adobe Camera Raw: The Editing Tools – Part 1 – 5

Have you at any point needed to make an acclimation to only one little territory in your Raw document? Have you at any point needed to roll out a similar improvement in many places in your picture? Presently you will figure out how to make chose modifications effortlessly. In the wake of taking in this, you may never need to go into Photoshop for essential altering until the end of time.

Address 7: Adobe Camera Raw: Saving and Exporting Your Raw Files

This address manages the numerous choices that are accessible to us for sparing our records. 

Segment 3

Utilizing Bridge and Automating Your Workflow

Address 1: Adobe Bridge: Folder Management

In the event that you resemble a great deal of computerized picture takers whether you are an easygoing shooter or star shooter, I know you have pictures everywhere on your PC. This address


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