PPC Advertising Strategy for all Platforms – Udemy

LinkedIn, landing pages, Google, Twitter, Bing, YouTube, BuySellAds, Fiverr + PPC strategic planning

This course will introduce you to PPC advertising from the tactical perspective of a digital marketer and the high-level perspective of an MBA.

Larn how to:

  • Plan and execute a PPC advertising campaign as an MBA would
  • Executive PPC advertising across numerous channels including Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Optimize a cost-effective PPC advertising campaign
  • Integrate PPC advertising into the overall marketing plan, marketing budget, and marketing calendar
  • Evaluate advertising as an MBA would
  • Outsource certain aspects of PPC advertising
  • Develop a campaign that gets results
  • You’ll also learn some essential tactics, such a keywords, negative keywords, and A/B testing.

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