Producing & Mixing Urban music in Logic pro X – Udemy

From production to mixing in logic pro X

What you’ll learn

  • Students will achieve better mixes.
  • More a knowledge about how logic pro X works
  • Be able to do at least a good rough mix of their music or someone elses.


  • Logic pro X
  • A basic knowledge of drum programming.
  • Ability to create keyboard lines in Logic pro X.
  • Be able to create basslines that groove with the drums.
  • knowledge of how backing vocals should sound


In this course you will create a beat using logic pro x and only it’s provided synths and Drums.  You will then add synth lines, and other decorations to your track.  Then we will do a rough mix & get it ready to really be mixed with logic plug-ins. After our mix is done we will get the track ready for mastering.

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