Recession-Proof Strategies Course

You can’t control when the next recession will hit—but that doesn’t mean your career is at the mercy of the market. Economist Jason Schenker shares six key strategies that can help you manage your career—and even thrive—when the market takes a turn. Throughout this course, Jason shares practical tactics that can help you become recession proof. Learn how to prepare for a recession—of company, industry, or country—before it even hits; how to dig in and fight a recession; how to invest in yourself during challenging economic times; and more. Plus, learn about the different varieties of recessions, as well as how to determine if one is imminent.

Topics include:

  • Everyday recession-proof strategies
  • Regional, industry, and company recessions
  • How to know if a recession is coming
  • Performing your own personal SWOT analysis
  • Preparing for a recession before it hits
  • Investing in yourself during bad economic times
  • Investing in a business you control
  • Investing in public markets


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