Whether or not retail sales is the profession of your dreams, it’s a solid place to kick off your journey into the world of work. The practical things you’ll learn on the job—from how money moves through a business to how to lead without formal authority—will serve you well no matter where your career takes you. This course was designed to shine a spotlight on these practical skills, helping you understand how to succeed in your first retail sales job (and beyond). Instructor Elizabeth McLeod provides a primer on how and why your company makes money, helps you determine where your role fits in your overall organization, and shares how to crush it on your very first day at work. Plus, learn how to prioritize what needs fixing around the store, how to ask for raises or promotions, and more.

Topics include:

  • Identify the major financial pillars in a retail-based business.
  • Prepare for your first day by overviewing staff, products, and logistics in advance.
  • Recognize the high value times to speak up and ask questions.
  • Recall how to prioritize and position opportunities for improvement.
  • Explore how to distinguish yourself as the most valuable player in the eyes of your boss.




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