Starting to write

Starting to write

Be a more creative you. Take small steps and start writing today.

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll develop a writing habit.
  • You’ll learn to write without waiting for a big idea.
  • You’ll get some tips for moving on to the next stage.


  • An interest in writing and in exploring your creative side
  • A notebook
  • Basic knowledge of word processing helps, but isn’t essential
  • Time and space to write (but that could be 15 minutes on a bus or in a cafe)


This beginners course in Creative Writing will teach you that you don’t need to have a ‘big idea’ to start writing, and will give you proven strategies and practical techniques so that you can start writing straight away. You’ll create word sketches and sense impressions, and take your writing out with you so you can write on location. You’ll learn the secrets that all practising writers know, and why you should try to make your first drafts as imperfect as possible. I’ll also give you some next steps so you can take things further when you’re ready.

Who this course is for:

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