State machines and Automata: building a RegExp machine Course

State machines and Automata: building a RegExp machine Course

Deep dive into state machines, Finite automata, and Regular expressions

What you’ll learn

State machines and Automata: building a RegExp machine Course

  • Theory of Computation
  • State machines / Finite automata
  • NFA and DFA
  • Automata Theory
  • Build a full RegExp machine
  • Graphs, traversal, states and transitions


  • Basic data structures and algorithms
  • Graphs, trees, traversal


Course overview

And there is a simple trick how you can gain a great experience with transferable knowledge to other systems. — You take some complex theoretical field, which might not (yet) be related to your main job, and implement it in a language you’re familiar with.

Why to take this class?

It’s not a secret, that big tech companies, such as Google, Facebook, etc. organize their recruiting process around generalist engineers, which understand basic fundamental systems, data structures, and algorithms. In fact, it’s a known issue in tech-recruiting: there are a lot of “programmers”, but not so many “engineers”. And what does define an “engineer” in this case? — an ability so solve complex problems, with understanding (and experience) in those generic concepts.

What are the features of this class?

The main features of these lectures are:

  • Concise and straight to the point. Each lecture is self-contained, concise, and describes information directly related to the topic, not distracting on unrelated materials or talks.
  • Animated presentation combined with live-editing notes. This makes understanding of the topics easier, and shows how (and when at time) the object structures are connected. Static slides simply don’t work for a complex content!

What is in the course?

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The course is divided into three parts, in total of 16 lectures, and many sub-topics in each lecture. Below is the table of contents and curriculum.

I hope you’ll enjoy the class, and will be glad to discuss any questions and suggestion in comments.


Dmitry Soshnikov

Who this course is for:

  • Any curious engineer willing to tackle a complex project building a RegExp machine based on Finite automata
  • Content From:

State machines and Automata: building a RegExp machine Course





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