Automated testing relies on scripting and frameworks like Selenium to prove that products work as expected. Test automation is an enormous time-saver, and it’s crucial to continuous integration, continuous delivery, and agile software development. If you’re employed in QA, DevOps, and IT, you need to know the basics. This course covers the foundations of test automation, as well as different strategies for implementation. QA engineer Meaghan Lewis explains what kinds of tests to use, how to choose the right test tools, and how to plan and execute test automation projects. She also describes strategies to maintain automation over time: adding new tests, updating old tests, and resolving failures.

Topics include:

  • The test pyramid
  • Unit, integration, and UI tests
  • Creating an automation strategy
  • Choosing test tools
  • Deciding what to automation
  • Identifying the risks and cost of automation
  • Implementing test automation
  • Using continuous integration
  • Measuring code coverage


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