The Beginners Guide to Startup Idea Generation & Validation

The Beginners Guide to Startup Idea Generation & Validation

Learn How Generate Startup Ideas, Validate them using Market Tools and Surveys and aim for success

What you’ll learn

  • How to Generate Ideas for their Next Business or Startup
  • Do a Market Analysis For their Idea & Learn how to use hashtags and Google Forms
  • Leverage Social Media For Validation
  • Understand why they should learn to design their own products and services
  • Why Learn Design Before Coding


  • None


If you have any of the below questions, then this course is for you !

Always wanted to startup but did not have an idea to work on?

Or do you have many ideas, but don’t know what to work on?

Or do you want to check whether the idea you have has a market out there?

Do you want to know what challenges entrepreneurs face while generating ideas

What the are the pitfalls to avoid to increase your chance of success?

This course answers all of the above. You will learn how to generate ideas and validate them using various tools and techniques. This course is going to be living course with loads of content being added regularly so that your investment is always reaping results.

So jump on board if you wanted to know how to create ideas and increase your chances of success.

Who this course is for:

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