The Complete Affinity Designer for iPad Course – Udemy

The Complete Affinity Designer for iPad Course - Udemy

The Complete Affinity Designer for iPad Course – Udemy

Start Creating & Designing on Your iPad with Affinity Designer: Go from Zero to Hero with this Complete Design Course.

What you’ll learn

  • Take a complete piece of art from concept to finished export in Affinity Designer
  • Create beautiful custom brushes for use in their own art
  • Learn professional workflow techniques to maximize the work you do
  • Create and sketch organically without having to open a laptop or be tethered to the desktop
  • Create seamless textures using symbols and professional technique
  • Create assets for use in mutliple applications, such as brushes and textures
  • Be able to apply complex concepts like blend modes, masking layers and color theory
  • Build a solid foundational portfolio by the end of the course


  • No basic knowledge is needed, we assume you have JUST opened up the program and are ready to begin the journey , this course is for absolute beginners as well as people familiar with the Affinity Program
  • An ipad with Affinity Designer open and ready to rock
  • An apple pencil is optional… can do everything with your finger (hopefully you have at least one of those)


Do you want to learn how to design graphics on your iPad?

Affinity Designer is the perfect iPad app for designers like you, and this is the only course you’ll need to master Affinity Designer.

One of the coolest things about being a creator is the ability to create, WHEN and WHERE the mood strikes you, and while Affinity Designer has been the favorite of many, the reliance on a laptop has hindered this and made it, well at the least UNCOMFORTABLE. Add to that, the idea that for years ipad user have had to choose either VECTOR or RASTER based stripped down programs….and designing on the ipad was a huge pain.
Finally Affinity Designer has released its version of the ipad app, and it is EPIC! And as 7th season studios along with Video School Online is the premier instructor on multiple platforms in the Affinity Space, it is only logical that we present THE BIGGEST, MOST COMPREHENSIVE Affinity Designer course for the ipad out there in the market today.

In this course we teach you the most desired techniques to take you from knowing the tools to creating professional styles used in industry today.

What You Will Learn:

  • Basics of using the Affinity Designer App
  • Design skills using shapes, lines, colors, and text
  • Create seamless textures
  • Advanced neon glow techniques
  • Design your own emoji icons
  • Vector based art pinstriping
  • Create exportable vector and raster brushes
  • Create professional pallets for use with documents
  • And so much more!

Get Immediate Access to:

  • Over 80 lessons and 9 hours of content
  • Practice downloads with every lesson
  • Technical + challenged-based lessons to truly grasp new skills
  • Premium support from the instructor whenever you need help
  • Lifetime access with course updates

Why 7th Season Studios and Video School Online?

With several thousand students in the Affinity Designer space we know how to teach digital art, and with a 4.5-star average rating, we aim to be the best at what we do.

Other programs can teach the material but when it comes to the actual application and depth of our knowledge…..we have more satisfied students than any other.

We teach under 1 principle….“EDUCATION through CREATION”, so while there are technical lessons that must be taught, we have actual projects you will complete to kick start your portfolio. At the end of the course you will:

  • Have 5 completed projects through concept to creation for your portfolio
  • Have 2 complete brush sets ( vector and raster ”ready for sale”)
  • You will know how to complete different styles of art, including pinstriping, neon lights and fine pixel art
  • You will have access to a community of people that are taking the same course
  • You will be able to master professional workflows through the application of challenge projects

So if you are interested in taking your skills to the next level in the shortest time possible hit that enroll button and let’s turn:


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