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The React practice course, learn by building projects. Udemy Course | Download

The React practice course, learn by building projects. Udemy Course | Download

The React practice course, learn by building projects. Udemy Course | Download

Including three full practice project, a landing page, a Firebase project and a fullstack with Mongo DB and Node.

What you’ll learn

  • Gain more knowledge to build better or more complex websites.


  • A little bit of ES5 and ES6.


Do you want to practice your React coding or just to learn it by creating webpages ?. This is the course for you.

Because sometimes the best way to learn its by practicing and because most of the courses teach you the just the basics and give you a todo app, I wanted to create something different. We will create Three real life projects,  so we can practice our react coding in a more real environment.

If you don’t know much of React, no worries. We will start simple with a static landing page , then we will go to a much more compete project with authentication and DB and last but not least we will create am e-commerce style project with user cart, PayPal, not only that we will create our own server to handle all the requests.

If you know nothing about React, don’t worry, I added a bonus section with a tiny React course so you can understand the basics and how react works. So you can start from there and then go to the practice projects.

To sum everything up, this what we will be creating in this course:

Project one ”The venue”:

  • How to create a project with React CLI
  • Creation of components
  • Using third party libraries
  • Creating transitions on reveal and carrousel.
  • Using parts of Material UI to make our app better.
  • Deployment of a static webpages to SURGE.
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Project two “M City”:

  • Creating of routes to navigate our project
  • More complex animations and transitions
  • Rendering components using data from a server
  • We will use authentication and create an Admin endpoint
  • Firebase uploads and storage
  • Add a database on a server to work with
  • Deployment of the project to Firebase

Project three “Waves”:

  • E-Commerce style application
  • Creation of dynamic routes
  • Using REDUX as store.
  • Authentication, user dashboard and admin dashboard
  • Create a server with Node JS and express
  • Add database to our Project with Mongo DB
  • Creating different routes to process the requests
  • Add cart items to user account
  • Complete checkout with Paypal
  • Deployment to Heroku

And as a bonus just like tiny React course, you will get additional React components to the projects.

Who is the target audience?

  • From beginners to intermediate.


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