WordPress Blogging Complete Guide (Make Professional Blog)

Download WordPress Blogging Complete Guide (Make Professional Blog)

WordPress Blogging : The Complete Guide You Need to Setup Your WordPress Blog Website


What Will I Learn?


  • Pick the right niche and create a blog you are passionate about
  • Choose the best WordPress theme for your blog
  • Setup your blog in just 5 minutes using WordPress
  • Free WordPress plug-in’s for blogging success
  • You will know the most effective working methods and blogging tips being used by industry experts today.


  • You should be passionate about creating your own Blog website
  • You don’t need any experience with WordPress or with building a website.
  • You don’t need any experience with programming languages like HTML or CSS.
  • No prior knowledge of WordPress is required as everything will be covered in this course.
  • You must be willing to start your own blogs or a website and implement everything covered within this course.

WordPress Blogging Complete Guide (Make Professional Blog)


Do you want to start a WordPress blog the right way? I know that starting a blog can be a terrifying thought especially when you are not geeky. Guess what – you are not alone. Having helped over thousands of users to start a blog, in this course, I will give you exact instructions on how to start a blog from the scratch on WordPress.

This course is the only guide you need to setup your WordPress Blog website 

  • Know how you can pick the right niche for your blog
  • Create a blog you are passionate about
  • Setup your blog in just 5 minutes (yes you read it right, only 5 minutes)
  • Choose the best possible WordPress theme for your blog website
  • Install free WordPress plugin’s for blogging success
  • Optimize your blogging website for better SEO
  • Discover ways to build the traffic and earn from your blog website
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The first thing we are going to do in this course is we are going to pick the right niche for your blog. Create a blog you are passionate about. Find a passion that will also make you earn in the process.

Once you decide on your blogging niche the second thing it that choose a unique but effective domain name for your blog website. I will walk you through the process of choosing a great domain name for your blog website.

After choosing a domain name, time is to go live. I will walk you through the process of how to setup your blog in just 5 minutes with WordPress and without any coding. Choose a right WordPress theme for your blog website is also an important.

In this course, you will understand the top WordPress plugins for your blogging website success. You will also understand what is SEO and discover the top WordPress SEO tips to help you improve your WordPress blog website SEO and get more organic traffic.

At the end, I am going to show you the best methods to get free traffic to your blog. The great ways you can start right away.  Also, I will show you the best ways to make money from your blog. Understand the audience to discover the best ways to earn.

The course is easy enough for a newbie blogger to follow, yet also the only guide you need to get your blog fully functional and live. Be sure to visit bonus video material for more videos on the specifics of how to complete any of the actions discussed in the course.

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Thanks for your interest in this course, hope you’re as excited to get started.

Go ahead and click on “Enroll Now” button. See you inside the course…!!!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone can take this course and start their own blog from today
  • If you want to learn WordPress without paying a web host, then this course is correct. When you learn, I will show you how you can install WordPress on your computer.
  • This course is for any person who wants to be a web developer and runs their own website.
  • This course is right for you if you are taking an existing WordPress website, or want to create one with scratch, but do not know where to start from.
  • This course is designed for those who wants to discover how to start a website, a blog or an online business of their own.

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